What to see in Tien Phi cave Hoa Binh

Located in the population of the relics of Hoa Binh, Phi Tien cave is an address attracts tourists. The cave situated on Thuc hill with entrance at the northeast. Tien Phi Cave is founded since 1982 and started opening for tourists since 1984. In June 2000, it was recognized cultural heritage by Ministry of culture, sport and tourism. The 1986s, 1987s, there have a plenty of tourists visiting the cave.

Pass over winding road on the Thung Phi hill; hundreds of stone steps about 2 meters, visitors can enjoy natural mountain scenes. Along the way, the forest flowers bloom white smooth. At the top of hill, there are casuarinas, eucalypts standing among the peace of hill. This place retains boulders lying close to the edge hill. It is interesting destination that many tourists enjoy the beauty of city from the distance.

Step into about 10 meters, visitors will encounter high roof. Heart of the cave is rough with numerous stalactites which creates strange shapes. On the ceiling, there has a way to access to the top and natural light enters the cave that make the sparkling beauty of stalactites. This cave looks like a quite castle, just mysterious, just vivid. Called Tien Phi Cave because visitors come to entrance, they will encounter stalactites as a fairy shape. Also, because of its pretty, local people called “Tien Phi” Cave.

Step into about 10 meters, look straight forward left of the wall, tourists will see a block of stone as she is wearing a chiffon panels lying on the hammock. Next, tourists find boulders like Buddha statue that is solemn, gentle, and quiet. On the way to come the cave, it has a lion lying as guarding the gate.

Especially, there have stalactites like the hand of women showing the way, one hand shows outside cave, another shows inside cave. Visitors will be immersed in the thinking about natural beautiful rock of fairyland. All the stalactites are carved by the Creator that creates not only sculpture, palaces but also unique architecture such as: stone bell, stone gong, flying eagle, elephant, dragon… If we go deeper, we can see many strange stalactites like the shape of human, trees, flowers, fruits. The spacious like garden of king. In the end of the cave is cool and fresh well that has semicircular shape with 3 meters width.

Prior to the magnificent and mysterious cave, visitors feel like visiting castle of Lord and the masterpieces of nature make tourist do not want to leave.

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