Vietnam FAQs

Vietnam Travel Faqs

1. Do I need visa to visit Vietnam?

Yes/No, it depends on your nationality, but most likely you will need a valid visa before heading to Vietnam if you are NOT from ASEAN, Nordic country, we recommend that you check my vietnam visa and Vietnam visa website for more details on visa requirements. also make sure that your passport has at least 6 months of validity remaining before you apply for a visa.

2. What are the World Heritages in Vietnam?

1. Ha Long Bay - UNESCO World Heritage (Dec. 1994)

2. Hue City - UNESCO World Heritage (Dec. 1993)

3. Hoi An - UNESCO World Heritage (Dec. 1999)

4. My Son Sanctuary - UNESCO World Heritage (Dec. 1999)

5. Phong Nha Cave - UNESCO World Heritage (Jul. 2003)

3. Where can I study Vietnamese?

In Hanoi, No. 1, Pham Ngu Lao St., Tel: 8262468

In Saigon: Lassho Vietnamese Language School for Foreigners

No. 8, Mac Dinh Chi St., Dist 1, Tel: 8233816

5. Is it possible to travel around Vietnam by plane?

Yes, it is possible to travel around main cities in Vietnam by air, see our domestic flights schedule for more information.

6. Can the driver speak English and act as a guide?

No, he cannot. In Vietnam, drivers are just drivers. Tour guides need to be licensed by the National Tourism Authority. Tour guides are the only persons legally entitled to escort tourists. GV specialises in arranging tours with private drivers and qualified professional tour guides.

7. Can I rent a bike and ride myself?

Yes, you can buy/rent bike easily and ride it yourself in Vietnam. However, please remember the traffic and roads conditions may be very different to what you are used to. Only young team is recommended for bike riding in Vietnam.