Van Trinh Cave Ninh Binh , Van Trinh Cave Travel Guide

Van Trinh Cave has nearly 4000 square meter, is one of the biggest and most beautiful caves of Ninh Binh. It is located in Mo Mountain, Van Trinh village, Thuong Hoa commune, Nho Quan district. Mo Mountain is the name of the folk form. Going to the foot of the mountain, along the mountain side, stepped up to about 3 meters height, visitors will prepare for climbing to Van Trinh Cave.

The spiritual values than Van Trinh Cave is the stalactites with form of grown-up stone male genitalial-shaped stalagmite and located opposite is a small hole called “Living entrance”. People who are childless often touch on for good luck.

Van Trinh Cave includes 2 adjacent grottos. The low grotto is Hang Ca grotto divided into two zones separated by stone ranges. The next step, tourists looking up saw that the blocks like the strange huge shapes.

Inside the grotto is a large space. Tourists feel like standing in the ancient castle, massive architecture. In the cave, it has beautiful stalactites stone range with nearly 7 meters height, 10 meters length and 1 meters width separated the cave into 2 parts. Around the cave, nature hangs pictures, the array of sculptures characters in the story of the past. From the west of cave, there has a way lead to one grotto above background about 6 meters height. Harem background has numerous stalactites with different shapes. One thing especially, if you look carefully on the floor, visitors will meet small stones such as: duck eggs, chicken eggs, marbles, beans… Scientists have preliminary explained that it appears together with the period of creating cave. According to the legend, people used to come into this cave and took some stones to grind and get them to drink so as to cure some diseases.

Van Trinh still keeps the natural beauty of the rocks. Each step, tourists can discover the new things, experience a different scene and enjoy ravishing beauty. Inside the cave, the sound of water from stalactites creates great sound. In the cave, there also has a big pillar connect from grotto’s ceiling to the ground. There are many rocks like the bodyguard, the actors dancing… The cave likes a giant air conditioning because tourists will feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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