Tuyen Lam Lake Da Lat

Tuyen Lam Lake , The Paradise Lake of Dalat :

Location & formation of Tuyen Lam Lake :

Tuyen Lam lake (Paradise Lake), 6km to the South of Dalat, has the water surface of 350 ha. It was created by

Tia stream – head water of Da Tam river. Nobody knows when and why it was called Tuyen Lam, but maybe

because of the grandiose nature around it – stream and forest were close to each other. Tuyen stand for stream,

Lam stands for forest. Tuyen Lam is a place for water and tree meeting each other.

Popular Activities of Tuyen Lam Lake :

The Lake and its campus have fresh air, tranquil atmosphere and diversified natural landscape. The lake will

become a big tourist attraction with the unique types of tourism such as sight – seeing, camping, health caring,

trekking, mountain climbing, fishing, visiting revolutionary base and other activities for spot and recreation,

especially eco – tourism

Coming to Tuyen Lam lake, tourist can visit Truc Lam zen monastery, then buy ticket to go sightseeing around the

lake, see some tourist sites such as: Fairy Rock tourist site, Nam Qua tourist site…etc, taste some specialties of

Dalat, drink Can wine, ride Horse or Elephant

Tuyen Lam lake was recognized as a Cultural historical hertage on August 30th, 1998.

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