Tien Sa Beach Da Nang

Tien Sa Beach Da nang , Da nang Tien Sa beach

This very local, very Vietnamese beach is located on the western side of the Son Tra peninsula, east of the Han River. Across the river, the beach is called Nam O along the shores of the Bay of Da Nang. It's a relatively small beach with calm waters in a sheltered cove, and some interesting rocks to climb on to the west. It fills up with Vietnamese on holidays, and rarely gets foreign visitors. There is only one resort on the beach.

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Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang

How to get there : To get here, leave Da Nang across one of the bridges and go north, following the signs to Cang Tien Sa. The entrance to the beach is on the right. The entrance fee for the public is 10,000 VND, though the entrance to the resort is the next right, and if you're staying there, you needn't bother paying.

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