Things to see in Hoa Binh

Owing to locating in the north of Vietnam, Hoa Binh has hot climate in summer and is very cold in winter. The average temperature is 24.40C. Climate is divided into 2 seasons: summer from April to September, winter from October to March. Moreover, Hoa Binh has many rivers, streams, lakes, dams; the area of water surface is about 18.000 hectares, particularly including Hoa Binh Lake with area of 8.000 hectares. Flora and fauna is various such as: vegetation, precious wood and other conservation areas that are recorded in the Vietnam Red List.

Hoa Binh is the land of many ethnic people, in which has 7 main ethnics: Muong, Thai, Tay, Dao,Mong, Chinese and Kinh. Each ethnic has their own unique culture. Up to 2009, there has: 788.274 people, in which Muong accounts for more than 63%.

There has hilly terrain as well asThac bo cave, Ret grotto, Hoa Tien cave, primeval rainforest Pu Nooc which opens for tourists to do adventure climbing, hiking, hunting, bathing springs. Human and nature have created a dreamy Da river for developing tourism.

The lifestyle of Muong, Dao, Tay along the lake and valley creates the beautiful picture. Hoa Binh is a province which has a lot of hot mineral water springs, mysterious valleys such as:Kim Boi mineral springs with the water is at a temperature of 3600C, which reaches standard for using, drinking, bathing and treatment; Mai Chau valley belongs to Mai Chau district which has rice fields and stele houses that are preserved for tourism; Da Bac - an upland which is suitable for visiting eco-tourism and culture. Da Bac has quiet and dreaming landscape of the northwest mountainous town. Luong Son is the gateway district of Hoa Binh Province, which is far about 40 kilometers from Hanoi. There has convenient transportation and focused eco-tourism resorts, entertainment spot.

Natural conditions and cultural history have created potential tourist attractions. This land has the sound of gongs, thrilled with over 30 festivals of the Muong, Dao, Thai, Mong… The cradle of the ancient Vietnamese with 4 famous place "Bi, Vang, Thang, and Dong". Currently, the province has 37 national relics, 18 provincial relics and many beautiful landscapes. Besides, there have over 50 villages, which have high value in tourism community.

What to see in Hoa Binh :

-> Mai Chau

-> Hoa Binh Museum

-> Pom coong village

-> Kim Boi hot spring

-> Hoa Binh Reservoir

-> Lac village Hoa Binh

-> Da Bac cave Hoa Binh

-> Tien Phi cave Hoa Binh

-> Hoa Tien cave Hoa Binh

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-> Suoi Ngoc Vua Ba Hoa Binh

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