Things To Do in Con Dao Vietnam , Things To See in Con Dao Vietnam

Things To Do in Con Dao Vietnam , Things To See in Con Dao Vietnam

Beachs at Con Dao :

+ Dam Trau Beach at Con Dao Island

Dam Trau Beach is the most beautiful beach on Con Dao , It is near Co Ong airpport , Surounding by mountain with white sand and waves ,This beach is very quite suitable for couple

+ Lo Voi Beach at Con Dao Island

Lo Voi beach near Ton Duc Thang street, this beach also very nice and suitable for group of friends or family

+ An Hai Beach at Con Dao Island

10 minutes walking from central with green water ,waves,very clean and fresh

+ Dat Doc Beach at Con Dao Island

This beach surrounding by rocks with small beachs combine with slow waves and quite

Natural Places at Con Dao

+ Ong Dung forest at Con Dao Island

20 km trekking to this forest you can come to small beach at the end,fresh environtment with tree,birds singing

+ Bay Canh Island at Con Dao

This island is one of largest island on Con Dao,You can joid a day tour to this island to trekking at forest and diving to blue ocean

+ Tre Island at Con Dao :

+ Dam Tre Bay at Con Dao

A shallow, nearly-enclosed lagoon lined with mangrove forest, Dam Tre offers good possibilities for nature exploration for the more adventurous visitor. At low tode is possible to walk out into the lagoon exploring the coral and discovering the fish that live amongst it. The bay has a deep hole at its centre and a number of caves at its mouth that can be safely explored with mask and snorkel.

Historic Sites at Con Dao

+ Con Dao Museum

Like most Vietnamese museums, Con Dao's is neither slick nor particularly enlightening - especially for English speakers. It does however provide some important background to the island's barbaric past.

Especially striking is the list of prison alumni who went on to lead Vietnam's communists in war, first against France and then the US backed South Vietnamese regime. They include Le Duan, perhaps the second most influential figure in 20th century Vietnamese politics, Pham Van Dong, prime minister of North Vietnam and then united Vietnam for more than 30 years, Le Duc Tho, Kissinger's wily adversary in the Paris peace negotiations and many others.

There is also a small exhibit on the island's pre colonial history and its natural history.

Opposite the museum is pier 914. The name is derived from the number of prisoners said to have perished during its construction.

+ Phu Hai Prison Con Dao

The primary prison in the area, this monument to the torturous occupation of the French comes with chilling exhibits and a ghastly look into the treatment of Vietnamese prisoners. In a few of the chambers, mannequins are set up in the positions that locals were actually held in, giving a disturbing visual reference point to what may otherwise seem distant. It is the oldest prison camp on the island and it still carries a heavy and disturbing air.

+ Chuong Cop Prison Con Dao

+ Phu Son Camp

Directly next to Phu Hai Prison, Phu Son Camp has a similar structure, but it has more individual rooms as opposed to the greater prison halls featured at the former. Inside the infamous tiger cages, prisoners were shackled and tortured by guards from above, poking through grates with long bamboo sticks and throwing chemicals and other irritants down below. It is a spooky testament to the immoral ends that conflict drives men to.

+ Hang Duong Con Dao

Pagoda & Temple at Con Dao

+ Phi Yen Temple at Con Dao

+ An Son Temple at Con Dao

+ Nui Mot Pagoda at Con Dao

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