Son Tra Peninsune (Monkey Island) Da Nang Sight Seeing

A great motorbike trek is available out of Da Nang that we highly recommend. It's about 40 km total that takes you across a road that crests 16km across the top of the Son Tra Mountains. The road is usually deserted and the views are fantastic in fair weather. When it's a bit cloudy, the mist washing over the mountaintops more than compensates for the lack of views. The road features some of the steepest inclines we've seen in Southeast Asia, so if you take a 100cc bike, you won't be able to pull up a passenger -- take separate bikes, unless you have something more powerful.

Starting from Da Nang, head across the Song Han Bridge, 2km to the beach, and take a left, heading north. From there the road hugs the coast of the peninsula. The road isn't finished yet, and at some point you may find a barricade barring through traffic, but we've never had any problems just driving around it. If the construction guys try to stop you, it's mostly just to say hi and try to hit you up for cash! You don't need to pay. From My Khe Beach it's 16km total around the peninsula to where the road ends on the other side. You can go right down the concrete road, and 2km later there's a new road that should, in the future, lead to Bach Niem, and an old banyan tree. The concrete road continues another 1.5 km and then just stops in the middle of nowhere, but it's still a great detour.

Otherwise, just take the concrete road to the left when you hit the end of the beach road. This road goes up and up and up, with green growth encroaching on the road from both sides, and one great view after another. Resist all the turnoffs, which lead nowhere, but at about 5 km, keep an eye out for where there's a gravel patch and an unmarked road ascending sharply on the right. It's only a couple of hundred metres to the top where there is a cell phone tower, manned by some young men who were more than happy, on our visit, to take us up on the top of the building for better views. They were thrilled to hear the spot was going into a guidebook and they might get more visitors. They eat and sleep up here, and say the views at night are the best.

After visiting the boys the road continues another 11km, up and down, passing the weather station (don't try to visit the guys up there, not so friendly) and finally reaching a long descent that puts out on Yet Kieu Road 3km south of Tien Sa beach. Take a left to continue 9km back into town.

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