Raglai ethnic village Nha Trang

Raglai ethnic village Nha Trang : Part of what makes the trip worthwhile is that the last half courses through some really stunning countryside, and the last few kilometres before the falls passes by a Raglai ethnic village. The Raglai are one of the tribes that have been mostly uninterested in assimilating into mainstream Vietnamese society, preferring to continue living off the land in their traditional way, albeit in a concrete box-style housing provided by the Vietnamese government. The Raglai live 'close to the earth', and this is reflected in their mode of dress, where a good coat of dirt is nothing to be ashamed of -- you won't see any fastidiously-dressed girls in ao dais here. Nor will you find many tractors, motorcycles, or other signs of mechanised society. The Raglai we met were very friendly, very polite, and refreshingly shy. Don't miss out on a chance to hang out a little and get to know them.

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