Prenn Water Fall Da Lat

Location Prenn Waterfall in Dalat :

Prenn waterfall is located at the foot of Prenn Pass which is 10 km far from Dalat city. Prenn waterfall is the

gateway of Dalat. In the old time, there was a village of Prenn up the stream, so the waterfall bears the name Prenn.

Overview of Prenn Water Fall Da Lat :

It has the height of 9m, and the width of 20m and it lies on the stream of Prenn. From its height, the water flows

down over a cliff of basalt rock creating a white curtain of water like the hair of a fairy.

Around 1960, at Prenn waterfall, there was a small zoo including elephant, tiger, bear, deer, monkey, python,

peafowl, etc.

Area of tourist site

At present, the tourist site has an area of 160 ha, of which the pine forest and primitive trees make up 90% of the

area. The site has been restored and equipped with the cable – car, suspension bridge, stilt – house, huts on the

trees, showroom of silk painting, souvenir shop and the services like folklore music performance, rowing – boat,

folklore game, ect and a restaurant serving food as the desires of tourist, especially the snake-head fish soup.

Activities at Prenn waterfall :

Many interesting activities including elephant and ostrich rides. The humble elephant will take you through unspoiled

nature such as small creeks, lakes and green forests. For those who really want to try something different, here is

your chance. Ostriches might not be a common transport option but here in Dalat you can ride on one. The idea of

climbing up on an ostrich’s back can be quite a challenge but once you manage to get up there and start the ride it is

one of the most interesting experiences as these well-trained animals are used to human and are amazingly friendly.

In the East of Prenn waterfall, we can see a complex of Au Lac Temples, which is located on a hillside,

worshipping Hung Kings. This is a new model of tourism; for both eco-tourism and for remembering the ancestors.

The temples were designed like the original temple in Phu Tho(including the lower (Ha) temple, the middle(Trung)

temple and the upper(Thuong) temple and were launched on 10 March, 2004.

From the waterfall, tourist can climb to the temples through steps or they can hire a jeep to the lower temple then

they can go on foot to the middle temple which worship the god of rice and then to the upper temple. Soil, water

and the joss-stick burner were taken from the original Hung temple. 100 pieces of round rocks(taken from Ninh

Thuan) symbolize for 100 eggs and they all put beside the statues of Lac Long Quan – Au Co.

Nearby the upper temple, we can see the pearl well(or Gieng Ngoc0 with clear water and big Gong-shaped rock

with the sound like a bell. Standing from the upper temple, tourist can see the view of elephant mountain in the far

distance and the magnific landscapes of the outskirts of Dalat. Visitor can go step by step to arrive Au Lac park.

On 10 of March (lunar month) yearly, people often hold the Death anniversary of Hung King and other activities

like folklore song of Bac Ninh, Thai dancing, Kho gong performance, etc.

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