Phu Quoc General Activities

Aside from its beaches, Phu Quoc is known for a few other minor points of interest they may be worth peeling yourself off the beach for.

There are fish sauce factories dotted through Duong Dong town, pepper farms in the centre of the island, and Suoi Tranh waterfall, located 10km southeast of Duong Dong in the centre of the island, though it's more of a river over rocks than a waterfall. None of these are worth losing sleep over if you're not going to have time to see them, but if you're on the island for more than a week, what the hell -- live a little.

Another minor attraction is the pearl farm, which sits about a third of the way down the length of Long beach. Again a bit of a filler for a very slow or rainy day, the farm includes a small educational display about pearls along with the opportunity to spend a motza on a few sets of earrings.

We heard that the pearls sold in the stalls in Ham Ninh were a fraction of the price yet of equal quality -- albeit perhaps not farmed in a sustainable manner -- serious pearl buyers should scoot through both Ham Ninh and the pearl farm before making an informed purchase.

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