Pho Tho Travel Guide

Just a bump in the road, the hamlet of Phong Tho, sits midway along the way between Lai Chau and Muong Lay. It's a very unassuming little berg with little (in fact, just about nothing) to recommend it, but if you're looking for somewhere to break for the night it's as good a choice as Muong Lay.

On our last visit in mid 2010 the road either side of town was in a terrible state, mid-construction, so be prepared for lengthy and bumpy journeys and delays caused by toppled trucks.


There are no banking services for foreigners in Phong To, but internet is available at the Lan Anh II for 10,000 VND per hour and at the post office, up the road heading towards Muong Lay, where it costs a mere 3,000 VND per hour. For such a quite place the post office is open surprisingly long hours.

Buses in either direction can be picked up along the main road and there is no real bus station to speak of.