Nam O Beach Da Nang

Nam O Beach Da Nang , Da Nang Nam O Beach

Nam O Beach borders on the Bay of Da Nang, which is just north of the Son Tra peninsula -- you can get a good view of it from Monkey Mountain. It's a fine beach, but with all the great sand stretching from Cua Dai up to My Khe, there's precious little reason visit. The local government would like people to move out here to relieve pressure on the city centre, but with the failure to complete the bridge connecting Da Nang and Nam O, so far development has been extremely patchy -- there are some hotels along the road far from the water that didn't tempt us at all. The Red Beach Resort has facilities for their rooms right on the beach, though the rooms they offer are somewhere on the other side of the road, and it was clear to us you'd have to be crazy to stay there. It's worth mentioning that they do offer some pricey water sport activities. including jet ski hire at 150,000 VND for 10 minutes, banana boat rides at US$13 per ten minutes per boat, windsurfing at US$9 for 30 minutes and kite surfing at US$16 for 30 minutes.

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