Mong Cai Tra Co

Móng Cái Town lies by the bank of the lovely Ka Long River. It harbors the international Bắc Luân Border Gate which connects Móng Cái with Guang Xi Province in China. It is 178 km from Ha Long City, 350 km from Hà Nội. Móng Cái Border Gate Market is where economic and trade activities and cultural exchanges between Quảng Ninh and Guang Xi and Vietnam and China take place. It is also the bridge spanning tourist centres of Vietnam and China.

7 km from Móng Cái by road, Trà Cổ is a famous tourist attraction in Vietnam. It has a cool and fresh climate and a tranquil and spacious atmosphere. It is home to ancient temples, pagodas and churches and flat, and broad fine sand beaches stretching for 17 km which are seen most beautiful in Vietnam. Thousands of tourists come to Trà Cổ every year to bath. Not far from the beach are located 3-4 metres high sand dunes, peaceful fishermen’ villages, verdant pine trees, and a rich mangrove ecosystem.

Trà Cổ Communal House Festival takes place boisterously from the 30th of the fifth lunar month to the 6th of the sixth lunar month attracting a crowd of pilgrims from home and abroad.

Móng Cái- Trà Cổ is a bustling tourist and trade center, yet atmospheric and romantic as well.

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