Hanoi Thu Le Park and Zoo

Hanoi Thu Le Park and Zoo : Some think Hanoi is a zoo, but it also has one. Priced to please, it's full of locals on any given day, with a cheerful holiday air about it that makes for a good place to go if you're getting harried by the tourist scene. Relax, you're on vacation!

Hanoi Thu Le Park and Zoo : It's more park than zoo, with beautiful grounds edging a lake. The animal displays are strong in the monkey department, but the chained-up elephants looked pretty miserable. It's the place to be for a wander around and to sample some snacks from the vendors. A number of amusement park rides oriented towards children are free for the price of admission, and swan boats can be hired for a paddle on the lake. A new addition: For 40,000 dong, they'll stuff two of you in a big plastic inflatable bubble and throw you into the lake. You don't have to be a kid to enjoy that one. It's 4 km west of the Old Quarter, and reachable via bus number 9.

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