Hanoi Night Market

Night market actually is street market start from Hang Dao street till End of Dong Xuan street,It start from 18h00 till midnight 00h00,it only open at weeken Friday,Sturday and Sunday

Dong Xuan is a street market spreading over a surface of 600 square meters covering Dong Xuan and Khoai streets. Approximately fifty businesses are operating the forty stands selling food, artifacts, souvenirs and tour packages among others.

In artifact shops on Dong Xuan Street you will find traditional Dong Ho drawings, Bat Trang ceramics, Binh Da embroideries and laces, and sand paintings, the new craze of Hanoi’s young people. For a modest sum of VND2.000 – 9.000 you can choose one of those ‘raw’ pictures with different designs and patterns.

You peel off the sheet of paper and using the multi-colored sand you are provided with, you paint and create your own masterpiece following a model or ‘ad lib’ following your own inspiration or fantasy

Like other markets (cho) such as Sapa’s Cho Tinh, Nam Dinh’s Cho Vieng, Lang Son’s Cho Ky Lua and Can Tho’s Cho Tay Do, Dong Xuan Night Market has been set up to meet the needs of locals and tourists. Dong Xuan Night Market is only one of Hanoi’s many efforts to develop tourism and attract international visitors.

A CD-ROM and two books on Hanoi, and two annual Tourism festivals are planned to open new paths and boost tourism in Hanoi. The Hanoi Service of Communications and Public Works plans to expand and turn Dong Xuan Night Market into a no-vehicle zone to lure more visitors to the place. Two more no-vehicle zones are being delimited round Sword Lake, along Khay, Trong and Le Thai To streets and along Ngang and Dao streets.

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