Hanoi Masjid


From the beginning of the 19th century and on, indian merchants from Bombay, Karachi and Calcutta, settled down in the north and south of Vietnam. Around 1930 there were a thousand of them in Indochina. They formed a large group of well-to-do businessmen, specialized in the sale of fabrics and the change of money. They were to be found in the large markets, buying and selling cotton, silk, and jewelry. Their stores were located in the streets of all the major cities. In Hanoi they lived grouped around “Rue De la Soie” Silk Street where they bought silk from Chinese merchants and shipped this to India and Singapore. This group was rich and big enough to build mosques. English subjects from South India and Bombay built the mosque Al Nuhr in Hanoi around 1900 along with other mosques in the South. Today the mosque is frequented by a varied group of Muslims, most of them expatriates connected to embassies from Malaysia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Indonesia India, Algeria, Yemen, Iraq, Vietnam, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

Approximately 200 people attend the prayers. there are approximately 60 ‘Vietnamese Muslims’ in Hanoi.


There exists a so-called Mosque Management Committee made up of five embassies and headed by one: in 2001 e.g. these were the Egyptian embassy, Libyan embassy, Indonesian embassy, the Algerian embassy and the Iraqi embassy. The embassies from Muslim countries each take part in the committee, but in different years.


The Masjid is financed exclusively by the donations made by the local community.

The budget details is available to all at the masjid entrance (on the board) and a section of the website will be dedicated to it.


Abdul Salam & Abbas

The Masjid has 3 imams doing the Juma prayers time to time:

Abdul Salam studied in Lybia a Arabic Languages and Islam Studies .

Mieu Abbas: Abbas is graduated of a degree in Arabic Languages and Islam Studies (Holy Qur’an and it s sciences from the Faculty of Islamic Call (Libyan) in 2008.

Phone: 01 68 282 7822 | Email: mieuabbas@gmail.com