Folk Song Performances on Huong River in Hue

Folk Song Performances on Huong River in Hue - Hue is known as one of cradles of the nation traditional music. For that reason, the best way to relax in Hue in the evening is to attend a folk song performance on the Perfume River. Originally from the Ly,Tran and early Le dynasties, Hue folk singing has become a unique combination of the folk songs and classical music which strongly developed during the reign of Tu Duc ( 1848 – 1883 ). The genre now becomes popular because it expresses deep feelings and aspiration of the people living by Perfume river and Mount Ngu Binh.

Those with an affinity for water and boat rides can sail off in the moonlight in the dragon boats that depart the wharf at 7p.m or 8:30pm. Tourists can book a private tour if they prefer a tranquil atmosphere or join in the tour which other tourist making a their trip more interesting. On this 2 hour long boat ride, passengers can enjoy performances by local artists who sing folk songs to the tune of traditional woodwind, stringed instruments and the teacups.

At the end of the performance, colored lanterns are released onto the river.

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