Datanla Water Fall Da Lat

Datanla Waterfall , the typical falls of Dalat

Location of Datanla Water Fall Da Lat :

Located beside national road 20th, 5 km from downtown of Dalat, Datanla tourist site has an area of 312ha set

amidst the preservation forests.

The legend story of Datanla Water Fall Da Lat :

Datanla used to be called “Da Tam N’nha” by the native people. The Kho who had been living there told that: in

the old time, fairies usually came there to take a bath. But people didn’t know that there was a stream under the

leaves there. So, when native people discovered the water under the leaves”. Later, the word “Da Tam N’nha’ was

pronounced to “Datania” and then changed to “Datanla”. It has become the official name until now.

Activities at Datanla falls :

At the foot of the waterfall, Datanla stream flows slowly through cliffs then fflow onto a deep hole called deadly

abyss located between two vertical cliffs with the height of over 40m. Tourist can walk down to the fall or they can

take the roller-coaster to the site.

In recent years, Datanla tourist site has exploited some more adventure activities for visitor trying such as climb the

cliff, discover the forest and go along the stream to come to Prenn bridge.Ngày9 tháng 8 năm 2014 Datanla Waterfall in Dalat Vietnam

At the entrance of the waterfall, we can see Datanla restaurant, which was built in the form of a still-house with

thatched roof amidst the picturesque setting. The restaurant has a capacity of 150 seats, serving all day with

breakfast, lunch and dinner for tourist.

In 1998, Datanla waterfall was recognized as a Cultural historical heritage

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