How to get to Dong Hoi

Train :
Dong Hoi is regular stop for all trains. Daily shuttles originate in Dong Hoi and travel to Hue, Vinh, and Qui Nhon. The train station is 3km west of the Quang Binh gate on Hoang Dieu, a sidestreet off Tran Hung Dao. It's just behind the Cho Ga (Station Market).
Almost any place in Dong Hoi will sell you a ticket for one of the tour buses passing through on their way up and down the highway. You'll have to stand by the side of the road, but you'll generally have plenty of company. We've provided some ticket prices below so you'll know if you're getting a fair deal through your hotel, though you might also try going to the Hoang Long Travel office direclty to buy your ticket. While the tour buses are a popular way to go, the buses from the main bus station are a lot cheaper -— not as good, but Hue and Vinh are both only four hours away, so how bad could it be. Sleeper buses originating in Hue pick up in Dong Hoi en route to Hanoi.


Bus Station

The unassuming main bus station is located at the intersection of Tran Hung Dao and Nguyen Huu Canh. Buses big and small depart from here -— there are even departures to Lao Bao, and on into Laos.

Da Nang:
departs at 05:40, 12:00, 12:30, 13:00, costing 56,000 VND.
departs at 06:00, costing 65,000 VND, supplanted by six departures between 05:10 and 13:00, costing 100,000 VND.
12 departures daily between 04:50 and 16:30, costing 35,000 VND.
Lao Bao:
departs at 05:15, 05:30 and 05:45, costing 40,000 VND.
departs at 04:30, costing 180,000 VND.
departs at 06:30 and 07:00, costing 50,000 VND.


Buses to the town of Tha Khaek in Laos are available here, which use the Nam Phao-Cau Treo border. You can't get a Laos visa at the crossing. Buses depart twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays at 06:30. The return from Tha Khaek leaves Sundays and Wednesdays at 70:00. 150,000 VND, 12 hours. There's also a weekly bus to Vientiane, Fridays at 06:00, 250,000 VND.

Shuttle-vans to Da Nang

Mailinh Tourist currently runs a couple of daily shuttle-vans to Da Nang. They cost 64,000 VND and depart at 06:45 and 14:00. Only a bit more expensive and much more comfortable than the regular vans. They have a ticket booth at the bus station.

Ben Xe Dong Hoi:
T: (052) 822 150
Mailinh Tourist: 78 Le Loi, Dong Hoi. T: (052) 835 835;(052) 211 788;(0511) 767 399;(0973) 385 284.

Hoang Long:
287 Ly Thuong Kiet, Dong Hoi. T: (052) 845 668; F: (052) 845 686.
You won't need to go here if you're getting a square deal at your hotel on a ticket. A slight comission on their end is worth paying as the Hoang Long office is a bit out of the way: 2.5 km north of the Quang Binh gate. They run 10 departures north and 10 departures south every day between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and stop in between.

197km, 100,000 VND.
Thanh Hoa
335km, 200,000 VND.
Ninh Binh
395km, 200,000 VND.
488km, 200,000 VND.
166km, 100,000 VND.
Da Nang
271km, 120,000 VND.
Quang Ngai
396km, 250,000 VND.
Quy Nhon
546km, 280,000 VND.
Nha Trang
792km, 340,000 VND.
Phan Rang
897km, 370,000 VND.
Phan Thiet (Mui Ne)
1043km, 450,000 VND.
Ho Chi Minh City
1231km, 520,000 VND.

Sleeper Buses

The new sleeper bus service to Hanoi provided by Camel Travel offers a chance to get horizontal sleep for about half the price of a train sleeper. Buses hardly move as smoothly as trains, so you won't necessarily get a solid night of sleep, but you won't have a stiff neck when you arrive either. The daily bus originates in Hue and is supposed to arrive in Dong Hoi at about 20:30 -- it's usually late. Tickets can be purchased wherever you see the Camel Travel sign along Ly Thruong Kiet. We booked a trip at Vo Phuong Cafe, which is a nice place to hang out and wait for the bus. They arrive in Hanoi at 06:00 or a bit later. Tickets are 170,000 VND for a sleeper, 100,000 VND for a seat.

Vo Thuong Cafe:
33 Nguyen Huu Canh (west of the post office), Dong Hoi. T: (052) 840 000, (0912) 132 885.

Getting Around :

Xe-om are readily available along the main road through Dong Hoi, in front of many hotels and at the market. A trip to the bus station should be 10,000 VND, the train station, 20,000 VND, and we were quoted prices to Phong Nha cave and back for as little as 200,000 VND. Taxis aren't a bad option is you have a lot of stuff. Some basic prices from the Quang Binh gate: Train Station, 40,000 VND, Bus Station, 20,000 VND, Nhat Le Beach, 50,000 VND. You can also hire a taxi to take you to Phong Nha cave, and they'll wait for you while you take the tour: 430,000 VND for up to four people.

Deluxe Taxis:
T: (052) 835 835
Taxi Xuyen Viet:
T: (052) 848 484, (0913) 295 110

Things to Do in Dong Hoi