Cu Hill Da Lat

Cu Hill is located in the heart of Dalat city next to Xuan Huong lake and they often be referred as a associated
landscape duo – many people believe that Da Lat would be reduced its beauty if having no Cu Hill and Xuan
Huong Lake. In the past and even in Governor Doumer period, when planed and built Dalat city, Cu Hill was still
pristine and there was really no construction in this area.
In 1942, under management of Governor Decoux, the master construction plan of dalat was completed by architect
Lagisquet, it showed Cu Hill was an inviolable area for creating an airy and romantic vision. And it has become a
characteristic of Da Lat until these day. Then, a British architect designed Cu Hill become a 9-hole golf course was
renowned in Southeast Asia and upgraded to a 18-hole golf course at the present.


Nobody know Cu Hill was named ever since and its name’s original meaning. Someone said that rolling hills here
like the back of giant sheeps when take a look from far so local people call “Cu Hill”; “Cu” word was pronounced
in different way of “cuu” word meaning “sheep” in English. But this hypothesis is more difficult to convince
researchers than the following second hypothesis. “Cu” is Vietnamese name of “golf”, Cu Hill was a place to play
golf which is a noble sport that Vietnamese called playing “Cu”.
When Bao Dai King (last emperor of Vietnam) became the king and especially in the time he ruled his private
nation name “Hoang Trieu Cuong Tho” in Central Highland, he used to golfing here with French officials, so local
people used the name of this sport to name hills here.

After 1975, playing golf activities at Cu Hill disappeared, this area became a ideal place for local residents and
tourists organize camping, picnic as well as the romantic rendezvous of young couples. August 08, 1991, the local
government has approved the construction project of Cu Hill become International Golf Course, after almost three
years of construction, on February 24, 1994 Golf Course was inaugurated and put into use. It was repeatedly
voted to the most beautifulscenery golf course in Vietnam.
Voted Vietnam’s No.1 Golf Course by Golf Digest (USA) in 2008.
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