Ancient Citadel Gate,Xo Viet Museum,War Vestiges

If you have nothing better to do in Vinh, a quick and easy cultural tour is available. Find Dao Tan Street, which is just north of the Saigon Kimlien Hotel and head east. Along the road on the right you'll find an American plane and a missile sitting in front of a government building. Along the road you'll also pass through pretty much all that remains of Vinh's ancient citidal -- two stone gates, the left gate and the right gate. On the same road is the Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Museum. It's a small museum detailing the struggles of the Vietnamese revolutionary movement during the French occupation. There's a heavy emphasis on inconsequential artefacts, as well as pictures and biographies of martyrs and heroes most travellers will have never heard of. But there are a few disturbing photos of revolutionaries being imprisoned by the French or executed by firing squad. There's also a black-and-white photo on the second floor that gives a good sense of what the Citadel looked like before it was destroyed -- an impressive star-shaped fortress that must have been a sight to see in its day.